Cote Noire

" NEW " Un Jardin a Versailles scented Navy & Silver herringbone Candle with Scarf - Crown Jewel Brooch - HCS05


" NEW " SILVER Herringbone Candle - also includes Lid / Base , Scarf, Jewel Brooch in Box

Limited-edition Herringbone candles come in a decorative Herringbone glass, adorned with an elegant Côte Noire gift box with Silk feel scarf and Magnetic decorative brooch.

Cote Noire range take inspiration from the idyllic Charente countryside with each scent striving to capture a portrait of traditional French life.

The fragrances encompass patisserie favorites, fragrant teas, succulent fruits and enticing florals.

It has a delightful scent when unlit & it will continue to emanate fragrance during the entire burn time.

Once you have finished burning the candle through you can keep and re-use the beautiful vessel.

A simple tip to remove the wax:

Make sure that the wax is cold. Place the vessel in the freezer for 24 hours so that the wax can contract. Take the vessel out and the wax should start to gently crackle around the edges. Place upside down and gently tap the vessel and the cold wax should fall off. If required use a plastic knife to help removing the cold wax around the edges being mindful not to scratch the paint off the vessel. Enjoy for many years to come :)

What is included:

  • 600 g Herringbone Cote Noire scented Candle 
  • Double cotton wicks
  • Magnetic Jewel Brooch in Cote Noire Gift Box
  • Silk Feel Scarf 90cm x 90cm 
  • Luxurious Gift Box with Bow
Burning instructions: 
Before lighting remove all packaging trim wick to 1/4" (6mm) & place candle on a flat, heat resistant surface away from anything falmmable. Extinguish candle after 2 hours & allow to cool before relighting.

      FragranceA Garden in a Veersailles- Late summer in France, the scent of sweet fig and plump blackberries intertwine with roses in full bloom. Note of peonies, honey figs and mixed berries.  

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      Product Specification:


      Burn Time (Hrs)

      Bottom Dia (cm)

      Top Dia (cm)

      Height (cm)

      Weight (kg)

      Herringbone Candles







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